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Smart Home Systems

At ICAS KUWAIT we take pride in offering the latest technology to control systems including Air Conditioning system, Light Control, Background Music System, security system and AV Entertainment system to a whole new integrated and custom made solution to satisfy your need.

Our product portfolio includes an extensive choice of devices and systems that are based on US and European Standards of quality, to add the value required for your solution. Highest quality and top range of products and brands with our in-house specialists to form and design your project.

Guest room management system

  • The Guest Room Management System (GRMS) provides an innovative and efficient way to control the lighting, heating/cooling, curtains, TV, Music System, Radio and hotel guest services through intuitive buttons or touch screen/panel interfaces.
  • GRMS can be integrated with the Building Management System in order to enable global management of the building and the hotel’s operations.
  • Maximum comfort for the guest, economy and efficiency for the owner, optimum work processes for the personnel. Your requirements are realized professionally with the hotel installations

Lighting Control System

“Innovative and customized lighting control solutions for residential and commercial applications
that fulfil every requirement”

Audio and Video Systems

Rock Speaker

Rock Speaker

Ceiling Mounted Speaker

Ceiling Mounted Speaker

4K Video Distribution System

4K Video Distribution System

Presentation System


home theatre solutions

“Full cinema experience and limitless integration of design and technology that will lead you to the ultimate indoor entertainment reality”

Door Communication System

"Modern technology in Door Communication, Access control, Barrier-free design & IP System based technology"

CCTV & Security System

video surveillance: the most complete way of having everything under control

More security means a better quality of life. We provide surveillance systems those are able to guarantee it, thanks to all-round control that prevents unpleasant incidents and provides supervision even in critical areas. The versatility and completeness of our offered products will gives you the ability to cope with different requirements of coverage, installation and details. Ensuring the absolute tranquillity of protection at all times.

Wiring Accessories

"elegant design, various finishing & perfectly matching & styling products"

We provide wiring accessories which matched the latest trends with unmatched finishing and high standard of quality.

Reputed Partners

Major Projects

  • Al Sayer Facilities - Shuwaikh - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Ajeel Villa – Al-Yarmouk - Home Automation + Wiring Devices.
  • Al-Anjari Villa - Shuwaikh Residential - Wiring Devices.
  • Al-Aramli Villa – Kaifan – Home Automation + Wiring Devices + LV Systems.
  • Al-Dabbous Villa - Fahaheel - LV Systems.
  • Al-Fahed Villa – Al-Bidaa – Wiring Accessories + Intercom System.
  • Al-Ghoreir Villa – Mushrif – Wiring Devices.
  • Al-Hajri Villa – Abdullah Al-Salem - Home Automation + LV Systems + Audio System.
  • Al-Hamad Villa - Messila - Home Automation.
  • Al-Husseiny Villa - Messila - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Marzouq Villa – Al-Yarmouk - Home Automation + Intercom System + LV Systems.
  • Al-Meshari Villa - Shuwaikh Residential - SSS Intercom System.
  • Al-Mulla Villa- Messila - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Mutairi Villa – Abdullah Al-Salem - Home Automation.
  • Al-Nakib Villa - Abdullah Al-Salem - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Omar Villa – Al-Yarmouk - Home Automation + LV Systems + Intercom System.
  • Al-Qadi Villa – Al-Yarmouk - Home Automation + LV Systems + Intercom System.
  • Al-Qattan Chalet- Khairan - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Qattan Villa – Abu Fteira- Intercom + LV Systems.
  • Al-Rashed 2 Villas – Al-Adeleya – Home Automation + LV Systems + Wiring Accessories.
  • Al-Roudan Villa – Abdullah Al-Salem – Home Automation +
  • A/V Systems + LV Systems + Wiring Devices.
  • Al-Sabah Residential - Salmiya - Home Automation.
  • Al-Sabah Villa – Abdulla Al-Salem - Home Automation + LV Systems + Intercom System.
  • Al-Sabah Villa - Al-Salam - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Sabah Villa – Al-Siddiq – Home Automation + Intercom + Wiring Devices.
  • Al-Sabah Villa - Bneider - SSS Intercom System.
  • Al-Sarhan Villa - Khaldiya - Home Automation.
  • Al-Sayegh Villa - Abdullah Al Salem - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Sharhan Villa - Al-Qadsiya - LV Systems.
  • Al-Shayaa Villa - Khaldiya - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Al-Shehab Villa – Kaifan - Home Automation + LV Systems + Intercom System + Audio System.
  • Al-Sultan Villa - Shuwaikh Residential - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Jaafar Villa - Abu Al-Hasaniya - Home Automation + LV Systems.
  • Mercedes Showroom - Avenues Mall - Home Automation.
  • Taftaf Residence- Bneid Al-Gar - Home Automation.
  • Wafra Residential Project - Jabriya - SSS Mailboxes.
  • Wafra Residential Tower - Salmiya - SSS Intercom System.